We Support Small Business Enterprises!
Our services include training and building the capacity of small businesses and non-profit organizations.
Our Support Includes:
Accounting and Administrative Assistance
From call dispatching to payroll management to book keeping, CSMI provides small businesses with accounting and administrative assistance to help keep business flowing.
Corporate Training
CSMI training experts are equipped to facilitate corporate training to small and large group settings.  We can assist with venue selection, registration and communication, training materials, speakers, logistics and more.
License Management
We provide our clients assistance with navigating through regulatory affairs basic licensing to commercial real estate requirements.  Our staff professionals help to relieve business owners of the worries of process and keeping up with expirations.  
Non-Profit Board Training
CSMI has proven experience in helping organize non profit group members.  Our training professionals are prepared to equip non-profit board members in fulfilling their commitments and serving the public.
Website Development and Management
CSMI, Inc provides solutions to help sustain businesses.  Our team can plan and develop business websites from portfolios to end to end collections with a merchant shopping platform to collect donations and/or sale products.  
Thank you!

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